Stray thoughts from the Dreaming.

In the Sandman’s first story arc, Morpheus must
find his tools – a helm, a pouch of sand and a ruby. The ruby falls into the
hands of a deranged psycho killer, but that’s not what I’m focused on at the

The tools are eventually
destroyed, and all the power Morpheus invested in them returns to

It feels exactly like what I’m doing
now, not that I own a helm, a pouch of sand or a ruby. Bit and I are lightening
the house by selling off clothes and books and other things that don’t fit into
our idea of what a Belly-friendly house should be. It’s strange (and yet
expected) that the more I let go of, the more fulfilled I

One of the results of this exercise
is that the cabinet which was always too big for my room went to Mom’s house,
together with this not-so-useful wooden structure that was originally meant as a
display rack for a giant quilt, or perhaps a gong. I moved my bed perpendicular
to where it used to be, and now my head is to the north when I sleep. It’s only
been two nights since then, but I’ve been sleeping longer stretches, and falling
asleep faster.

I googled why that could
be and found this:

If the head
points to the
It could encourage fights in the family. Also lead to restless

If the head points to the
This promotes social activity and clear communication in personal

If the head points to the
It creates and enhances peaceful partnerships. So much so that partners could
become more cautious and hesitate to take

If the head points to the
This is extremely good for increasing career-luck and keeping life busy. It
could even increase job

If the head points
to the
It would make the person lazy. The person could lack

If the head points to
This is said to relieve insomnia, increase spirituality and calm

If the head points to the
This position stimulates motivation but is not conducive to rest and

If the head points to
It promotes deep sleep and is recommended for parents and elderly family
members. This head-direction initiates self-control and

Of course, these are
quite general feng shui recommendations. Getting your date and time of birth and
a personal chart done would be of more specific help, if you need

My mom is big on feng shui, and we
have stacks of books on the subject. One of my favorites is Karen Kingston’s
Clearing Your Clutter with Feng Shui. In it, she describes clutter as stagnant
energy, and that removing clutter from your space frees the energy and lets it
move around and make room for positive energy (and even good luck) to flow into
your life.