It’s a boyby!

Joel beat
me to it
– being the enthusiastic to-be-ninong that he
is, harhar – and all I can do is post more

I took yesterday afternoon off
so Bit and I could go to peek at Belly. I took my phone into the ultrasound room
so I could snap shots off the ultrasound monitor. I was too distracted, though,
by Belly’s constant waving. Bit said, “Look, he has a little penis!” And after
more poking and prodding with the ultrasound widget, she said, “Yup, he’s a
boy.” Then she typed “I’m a boy!” and funky chargen appeared onscreen.

Belly’s hands were waving and twinkling
all the time, like stars on a clear night. We saw his femur and his perfect
pudgy feet. He was transverse, so we couldn’t see his face all that well. Bit
kept muttering, “Cephalic…cephalic…” as she rounded my tummy with the
widget. (That was her telepathically nudging Belly to position himself properly,
head down and ready to pop out.)

were taking bets yesterday at the office, for who would win the UAAP game. They
should’ve taken bets on Belly’s sex; there’ve been enough “I’m sure that’s a
girl” and “That’s definitely a boy” comments the past few months. Someone
would’ve made a killing.