Oh no, now I’m looking at baby things!

I dread the thought of my inner shopping addict going
overboard on baby things. I can see the signs already. Last night I was itching
to pick up the entire Burt’s Baby Bee line – gimme that buttermilk lotion, and
the buttermilk bath soak, and the apricot baby oil, and I restrained myself and
bought a sleepytime pillow spray instead. Oh, and I’ve become a collector of
unguents that purport to prevent and/or fade stretch marks: Badger’s Evolving
Body Balm (with extra virgin olive oil and essential oils), Derma E’s Cocoa
Butter and Vitamin E cream, a Vaseline “Mark Minimizer” lotion. I even concocted
a salve out of cocoa butter, jojoba and avocado oil, and various essential oils
– except I remembered too late that clary sage isn’t recommended for

It won’t be long now, though.
There are entire floors of department stores to plough through instead of
sidestep, as I used to do in my pre-pregnancy life. I can’t wait.