Night shift.

I went to the Agency of the Year Awards last night. It
was at the Conservatory of the Peninsula – a small room that felt even smaller
when occupied by very sociable advertising

I couldn’t stay very long. The
acoustics in the room were terrible. Belly was bellyaching.

But, prior to the show, it was a lovely
hour of familiar faces and decent finger food. I told Lindy that the key to
having fun at these things was to head straight for the food and just talk to
people who happen to be between you and the food, which was Thai fish cakes,
pancit with roasted duck and mushroom, siomai and siopao and slices of fruit.

I wore a black dress and a cream
sweater, and managed to keep both free of chili

These gatherings remind me how
long I’ve been in this industry, and there are times it is actually a comfort,
knowing that there will be at least one person who isn’t a stranger, and who
will have an easy smile for you.