Roach and the Fab Two.

Marlon and Ricci dropped by my place last night to grab
some loot. Well, mostly Marlon, with Ricci providing the requisite fabulous
commentary along the way. I’ve finally managed to get my makeup collection down
to a small box, and there is one makeup bag set aside for Irene. Marlon listed
the loot in his blog, in alphabetical order (!), and I am fascinated by the
enumeration of brands and color names. Somehow, when it’s all down in words, I
realize the magnitude of my makeup spending – and everything I gave him was
barely used. So, I am happy.

arrived first, earlier in the afternoon, and I greeted her with the scary news
that I’d accidentally locked my bedroom door and none of the keys we had worked.
Bit had to run to her dorm to retrieve another set of keys. While waiting, I
googled how to pick a lock. I tried the advice on this
but I fear lockpicking is one skill I might have to go through
life without. I used a laminated ID card, a bent piece of copper sheet, a
hairpin opened at a 90-degree angle, a paper clip… Damn, getting those pins to
disalign one by one was a traumatic unsuccess.

You know, you grow up and your mom tells
you (or just gestures vaguely in your general direction) that you can do
anything you set your mind to, and then you realize you can’t pick locks.

“Don’t let the antenna of
palpitation sleep, no, no!” – from the end theme of the anime series Galaxy

Roach came away with four pairs
of shoes, two bags of makeup, and a bag of happy tops after Bit rescued us with
the key she fetched from her dorm. I also did her makeup, which she graciously
allowed. She did get startled in the elevator when she checked herself out in
the mirror, as I did a full face with strong eyes and a defined mouth and
contoured cheeks, which is a look not exactly appropriate with a t-shirt and
jeans, but she is a very good friend and lets me victimize her this way once in
a while.

I still have a lot of things to
give away, and am determined to do so on Monday. I realize just about now that
it’s the first day of school and the traffic will be merciless. Oh well.