Other people’s jackets.

I’ve become used to borrowing other people’s jackets
in the office. Even if I come in dressed in 3 layers of tops, I still find
myself shivering within 30 minutes of sitting in the pod. It’s not as if I have
no jackets. I even have a couple of woolen ones. I really should remember to
bring one tomorrow.

Today, though, I’m
barely warm in Marco’s black hooded parka. It’s made of rainproof nylon, and is
somewhat shiny. It’s the jacket most men seem to prefer. It goes with
everything, and never calls attention to itself. It’s perfect for Marco’s
excursions to meet the DVD pushers. 😉

Usually I nab Fabo’s. He keeps one on
standby but never seems to wear it. The last one was a thick, roomy army fatigue
number with deep pockets. It made a comfortable pillow, too. The new one isn’t
as comfy, but it does keep me warm. It’s got shoulder pads (!) and red stripes
and stars. It is presumably an army officer’s dress jacket. I don’t feel that
officious wearing it.

The advantage of
wearing other people’s jackets is you can always drape them on other people’s
chairs when you’re done for the day. And unless you spill tomato soup on them,
you don’t have to bring them home to wash.

I worry, though, that Marco’s mom will
smell his jacket and think he’s started smoking.