Birthday resolutions.

It’s 8 more days till my 35th birthday. Inspired by
Marlon’s admonition, to quote:
“The topmost advice on my unsolicited
advice list is to leave your luggage on top of the hill. Ok, it’s easier to drag
it downhill but there really is no point in carrying all that weight. Bad for
the back and anything you’ve got will surely be out of season,”
I am asking for your help, dear reader, to help
me jettison my luggage.

I’m starting
with the tangible sort, of course.

Throughout next week, I’ll sort
through my stuff (clothes, shoes, bags, makeup, books, magazines, CDs, STUFF)
and mark at least half, preferably more, of them to sell/give to charity/give to
an ukay shop/give to friends. If there’s anything you want from my stash, just
say so. You’ll probably get something anyway. If you can help me find just one
place (like a woman’s halfway house) to give most of the stuff to, that would be
great as well.