The old gray mare.

I’ve just come home from a 2-day stretch at the
office. I’m supposed to take a nap and recover but I’m wary of sleeping too
early, because I always end up paralyzed in half-awake half-asleep limbo. I did
sleep this morning, around 3 hours, as I had a 9 am meeting and I needed my
perky presentation powers for that, as well as for this afternoon’s meeting.
Still, I felt my energy draining away together with what remained of my spinal
fluid right before the presentation started. Joey pinched my hand to keep me
awake, but she wasn’t doing too well in that department herself, having slept as
little as I did.

Meetings have taken over
my life. I can understand why people press the close button in elevators, like
mice butting the food button in their mazes, not knowing if what emerges will be
food or a nice little electric shock.

I’m off to take a shower now, and
perhaps just lounge around and play with makeup, or anything that does not
demand much of my brain or my patience. I ain’t what I used to be, and I’m still
finding out what I’m becoming, as I always have.