Of course I acquired new perfumes.

And yes Joel, you can skip this entry.

Sasa is a perfume and cosmetics and
all things girly chain in Hongkong, almost as omnipresent as 7-11. They carry
everything from current designer fragrances to moldy Italian attempts at colored
water. I didn’t have a lot of time to go around, but thankfully, there was a
Sasa 5 minutes away from my

Yes, I can get it here. But I never bothered to. One spray on my wrist and I was
hooked. The saleslady asked me, “For your mother?” I said, no, it’s for me. This
classic fragrance is meant to be a composition of white flowers, lily of the
valley, sweet and clean and yet voluptuous. It’s perfect for ex-Catholic
schoolgirls. The closest thing I’ve smelled to it would be the bloom of a
stargazer in water.

. From the House of Gres, rose dusted with
sugar and agua de

Another underappreciated scent from the House of Gres. Spicy, floral, powdery.
It reminds me of drinking rosewater-infused lassi. And the bottle is so sexy.
Corset bondage in

Saint Laurent’s In Love Again
. I have hoarded
the last millimeter in my one and only bottle for years. This was limited
edition when it first came out. I hope that they’ve re-released it with the
intent of keeping it on the house menu. Baby Doll is close, but insipid and
timid at the end, content with pretty. In Love Again is all-out, no-brakes
beautiful, freshly-sliced grapefruit dew on a thousand bouquets. I bought two
bottles. How could I not?