Sony Ericsson and Macintosh, MFEO.

Sony Ericsson, Macintosh, and a host of third-party
software developers are making my life more gadget-wonderful by the

PhoneAgent, developed by macmedia, runs on OS X
and lets you create themes, create and send MMS and SMS from your Mac, and more,
via Bluetooth. I’m having an absolute blast making vanity themes for my T610. It
was a breeze to download and install.

The Salling Clicker is award-winning software from
Jonas Salling. It transforms your T610/T616/Z600/T68i into a remote control, via
Bluetooth. I’ve tried it with Powerpoint, Keynote, iTunes, iPhoto – and it works
perfectly. I downloaded it, installed it and was skipping through the albums in
iTunes in a matter of minutes. I can’t wait for my next client

All this, plus my T610 and
Powerbook both have an aluminum finish. Fashion and form – now what
self-respecting gadget girl can do without them?