Just how randy are you?


Because you are the only person in
my entire life so far to have: a) been uncertain of my sex, and b) compared me
to Freddie Aguilar and Rey Valera, I think it necessary to answer your
questions, if only to stop people who actually know me from: a) being uncertain
of my sex, and b) comparing me to aforementioned long-haired folk-pop

To those of my readers who
wish a little more background on how this began, click the comments link under
the entry, “The Sensual World.”

answers are in

McVie. It seems to me Ms. Leigh doesn’t want to answer me directly…So, will
you be kind enough to answer this for her?

1. Ballpark age of Ms. Leigh. a)20-25
b) 26-30 c) 30-40 d) 40-beyond.

I am 34 years old. One day I
will be beyond 40, and by then I hope that all the money I have invested in
sunblock will show fine returns, and like Cher, I will not only defy time, I
will batter it with the blunt end of a surgical

2. Sexual preference of Ms.

Yes, I prefer having sex
over not having sex. Doesn’t everyone?

Her Status: single and looking, single and not looking, etc.

I am wondering at this point
why you refer to me as “Ms. Leigh.” You make me sound like a grade school
teacher. Or an aging spinster who takes out her frustrations on the househelp.

I am single. Very much so. In
fact, I will most likely be a spinster who takes out her frustrations on the
househelp. So go ahead and call me Ms. Leigh – I’ll probably grow into it.

4. Will she go out with a much younger

Only if nobody screams,
“Statutory rape.”

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