Podding along.

Transferring my music collection to the iPod has been
an exercise in priorities. (Never mind for a moment that 30 GB should be more
than enough music for any woman.)

Yesterday’s album load included: Joni
Mitchell’s Clouds and For the Roses (I am still thinking about Mingus); Shawn
Colvin’s A Few Small Repairs; Mitchell Froom’s Dopamine; Stephen Cummings’
Falling Swinger; an old Sarah McLachlan album called Touch, which sounds like a
tribute to Clannad and Kate Bush.

I also
downloaded two songs by the Reindeer Section, to see if the album (Y’all Get
Scared Now) was worth ordering off Amazon. They do not disappoint, yet.

Roach showed me a magazine called Paste ,
subtitled “Signs of Life in Music and Culture.” It rocks, in an Adult Album
Alternative way. I didn’t even know it was a radio format. Any magazine that
features Richard Thompson’s name in huge type directly beneath the masthead is a
magazine worth subscribing to.