Listen to the Gnoosic.

Gnoosic runs on the gnod AI engine. Gnod’s been
around awhile. It tells you what music, books or movies you’ll like based on
what other people like. It’s the same principle as the Amazon recommendations. I
like the way it presents its universe of recommendations, like satellites
orbiting a planet.

Today, Gnoosic told
me I’d like Starsailor (check), Super Furry Animals (check), and Morphine
(triple check). Twinemen, the group that formed after Mark Sandman died,
released an album last year. Same dirty bass-to-the-ground sound, only with a
female vocalist.

I wonder if you can
gnod people. This would require at least two parameters: whom you know, and how
close you feel to them. This algorithm could piggyback on the Friendster engine.
And the results would be something like: Leigh likes Budj ,
but not as much as she likes Joel, and Budj likes, let’s say a girl named
Gogo, and Joel likes, let’s say a guy named Orlando, so Leigh can be potentially
close to Gogo, but not as much as she can be close to Orlando.


stick to Super Furry Animals.