Why I like making things.

I’m a classic Gemini, a finger-in-every-pie kind of
gal, and my recent adventures in designing fake album covers (or concept
cocktail party invitations) have gotten me thinking about why. I feel incomplete
without several projects going on at once. I think I have mild ADD – there are
nights I find myself with pliers and sterling wire in my lap while I’m in front
of my Powerbook writing copy, and I pause in mid-twirl and type a tagline study,
then in the middle of a radio script I stand up and hunt down a particular bead
I want to add to whatever piece I’m making. I am used to it, so to actually
think about it is hurting my forehead.

This piece was tucked away,
unfinished, for months. I only figured out how to end it several weeks ago.

Perhaps making things reminds me it is
important to finish.