More Mumbai.

The lobby of The Oberoi hotel is very much
like a lobby.

I have been surprisingly cheerful and perky
today. Even waiting around for the shoot (the reason I’m here) hasn’t made me
grouchy. I draw your attention to the mess of power cables on the lower right of
the picture. There’s wireless internet access in my room (what a relief), but
what’s a geek girl without a few wires here and there? The T610, as usual, makes
snapping pictures a mindless thing, and is quite unobtrusive, so I do not feel
so much the eager tourist.

It is warm,
here in this area beside Chowpatty Bay. There is a tiny breeze, barely
noticeable, but enough to calm the heat and lift the spirit. Black-and-yellow
taxis line the shore of the bay, waiting for hires, or maybe the cab drivers
just like hanging out together in circles.