iFly, therefore iPod.

“I awake to find no peace of mind/I said how do you
live/as a fugitive?/Down here, where I cannot see so clear/I said, what do I
know/show me the right way to go.” – Coldplay,

It is Sunday, the day before I
fly to Mumbai (Bombay) and as always, I am looking
forward to being in an airport. Being in between places, amongst people in
transit, everything temporary except infrastructure: it’s almost like being in
church, or atop a hill, except it smells of carpet and latex and steel.

My iPod is ready to go. It has 4 Gb of
music so far – including Coldplay (of course), Nick Drake, Morphine, Hector
Zazou’s Songs from the Cold Seas, The Chamber Strings, Groove Armada, The
Philosopher Kings, music to delight in between here and there and back