Test driving.

I recently took a series of intelligence and
personality tests. Yes, of my own

According to them, I am in
the wrong job, and all I want is peace. World peace, apparently, which puts me
squarely in the interview round of most beauty

While it is good to know that
I have an IQ of 135 and am a visual mathematician, that doesn’t help one bit
when it comes to writing witty radio commercials. I am also categorized as a
Skydiver, which means I am intelligent, independent and creative – such
adjectives, emode tells me, will
come in handy the next time I write an online personal ad.

“Hi, my name is Leigh, and I’m smarter
than you and all your insipid friends, I flee from commitment faster than you
can say let’s meet for coffee, and I can come up with many imaginative excuses
to not be with you on a Friday night.”