Marlon’s theory of eugenics.

Marlon, known as the Empress of Heaven and One of
the Country’s Best Stylists, among other things, believes that only the
“beautiful and useful” must be allowed to breed. (People with no appreciation of
sarcasm, humor, irony and related mental constructs should stop reading right
about here.)

The beautiful and useful
people are allowed full entree into social circles, thus maximizing their
chances of passing on their genes. The merely beautiful will only be allowed out
of their homes after eight in the evening, to spare them unnecessary daytime
distress. The merely useful must be out of their homes by eight in the morning,
so that the world runs, thanks to their usefulness. The merely useful and the
merely beautiful will have a two-hour window in the evenings, in the hopes that
some interaction between the two tribes will engender the both beautiful and

Leigh: “So who gets to judge
beauty and usefulness? A committee?”

“No. Just me.”

At this point, Joel adds
his own twist to the conversation: “But what about cosmetic

This is my friend Joel who
recasts adages into party icebreakers. An example: “You can lead a horse to
water…but why?”